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Mortgage Power Calculator

Our reasoning for calling this the Mortgage Power Calculator is that it gives you the power to know the true

cost of your purchase, refinance & switch mortgages @ one location.


          1) The affordability calculator

          2) the mortgage calculator

          3) Amortization calculator

          4) Transfer tax Calculator

          5) Estimate of all related closing costs


This mortgage calculator will give you 4 senerio’s  for down payment option and  monthly mortgage payment options. The closing cost portion  instigate question that  might not have been considered. Mortgage broker, Real Estate Agent and lawyer are able to answer all the question before you commit to the service.


Finally a calculator that gives you a clear picture of your mortgage financing costs.

Mortgage Calculator

Purchase Revenue Property Refinance Renewal / Switch

Purchase Price  The final price accepted on the offer plus GST/HST if applicable.  
Down Payment   The money you will be putting down.  

—— HIGH RATIO MORTGAGE Mortgage with less than 20% down payment. ——
DOWN PAYMENT PERCENTAGE  The % of the purchase price as down payment.  
BASE MORTGAGE  Mortgage amount not including default insurance if applicable.  
MORTGAGE INSURANCE  If your down-payment is less than 20% of the purchase price your mortgage is subject to default insurance.  
AMORTIZATION PERIOD  The time it will take to pay off your entire mortgage, most lender now have 25 years.  
MORTGAGE RATE  The rate that you chose for your mortgage term.  
MORTGAGE TYPE  The rate you chose will reflect the mortgage type. IE: fixed, variable, open, closed.  
Mortgage Payment  Your mortgage payment is based on the rate, type of mortgage, and amount.

Additional Costs

In addition to the down payment, there are other fees and costs associated with buying a house, which can add up. To help understand how much you may be spending, please enter estimated costs below.

TITLE INSURANCE / SURVEY CERTIFICATE  An insurance policy taken during the real estate purchase process to insure against defects to the title of the real estate.  
LAND TRANSFER TAX  You pay Land/Property Transfer Tax when you purchase or acquire an interest in a property. The calculation for this tax varies by province.  
APPRAISAL FEE  The fee charged by a professional appraiser for estimating the market value of a property. This is usually required by the lender.  
LAWYERS FEE  The fee charged by a lawyer or notary for registering your mortgage and completing the real estate transaction.  
HOME INSURANCE  A form of property insurance designed to protect an individual's home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home.  
HOME INSPECTORS FEE  A fee charged for inspecting of the property's condition and any deficiencies.  
ADJUSTMENT OF TAXES, WATER, CONDO FEE  These costs are prorated based on the possession date of the property to ensure all costs are distributed properly between the buyer and the seller.  
WELL WATER TEST COST  This is a fee for testing the water quality to make sure it is safe to drink. May not apply if title insurance covers your property.  
SEPTIC TEST  Test to ensure proper bacterial level in the septic tank.  
PURCHASE TAX GST/HST  If you are buying a brand new property there will be GST/HST charged on the purchase price. This calculation varies by province.  

Total Cost Amount   

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