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Home Inspection Guide

 Why a Home Inspection is needed?


A thorough review of the physical aspects and condition of a home by a professional home inspector. This inspection should be completed prior to closing so that any repairs or changes can be finished before the transfer of the home takes place.


A home inspection is strongly advised when purchasing a home or revenue property. It involves an examination of  the property, its overall condition from foundation to roof  by a certified home inspector. As a prospective buyer, you’ll receive a written report of the findings and likely make a decision to buy or not based on what it says. CMHC has some great information that can be used as an extensive guide to help you get a clear picture of what a home inspector can do for you.


Home inspector checks the basement, heating and cooling system, plumbing, electrical, the roof and several other aspects of a home. They also look for improper building practices, items that require extensive repairs and are general maintenance issues, as well as some fire and safety issues.  The cost of the home inspection is paid by the purchaser, you should try to contact an independent  home inspection company not a handy friend.The home inspector should be licensed & bonded for your protection.



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