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Local Movers Guide

Finding a Local Mover


Finally! your ready to find a local movers. There are a few things to consider,you’ll need to hire a local movers and work out the costs, plan for the move, and make your new home ready to move in. Don’t forget to print the Moving check list to help organize the move.



  • Contact the moving company, check out the RateHouse partner, ask the movers for references, an estimate based on your belongings (don’t underestimate how much you have), and an outline of charges
  • Hire your mover as soon as you know your date of possession.
  • Keep in mind that moving can be cheaper in the middle of the month than at the end or beginning.
  • If you plan to move yourself, book a vehicle right away
  • Call your broker or insurance company to determine if you’re insured for the move
  • If you’re planning to pack yourself, start gathering boxes and packing paper and start packing things you don’t need right away
  • Move any extra-fragile items and valuables such as jewelry or important papers yourself.
  • Set aside boxes you’ll need immediately and make sure the movers put them on the truck last.  
  • Mark off items as they arrive
  • Check out whether you have to pay utility companies fees/a deposit to connect their services in your new home
  • If the former owners did not clean the home properly, you may have to hire cleaners or do it yourself




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