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Home Insurance for your biggest financial asset and protecting it helps to protect your  family’s future. Home insurance protects your property against fire, earthquake, floods and acts of God. Liability for personal damage and liability for accidental damage to your neighbors property by paying for repairs or replacement cost is an added benefit.


Condo owners sometimes think that the condo’s corporation home insurance policy covers them, but it only insures items that are part of the building. You still need insurance for your personal effects, personal liability, damage to your neighbor’s property such as flooding. Any upgrades you have made to the unit, including flooring, and bathroom and kitchen renovations.


Beware that coverage and price ranges from one insurer to the other. You will need to shop around and compare service, coverage and prices. Home Insurance is mandatory for the lender before they will register the mortgage.

Your Lawyer will ask for the Insurance binder to place a priority charge that will pay the lender first. It is best to talk with companies that have long term knowledge in home insurance to get the advise  you need.


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