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Mortgage Calculators

Affordability Calculator, will calculate the mortgage amount that you qualify for based on your income less your expenses within the bank guidelines.

Payment Calculator is a quick reference tool to see monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly and weekly accelerated payments.


Power mortgage calculator, this tool is not for the timid. One calculator that can give you the affordability, 4 sets of payment options and closing cost for your purchase, refinance revenue or switch mortgage.


Mortgage Penalty Calculator, Will be able to assist by calculating the IRD (interest rate differential) or 3 months interest penalty, whichever is greater. This calculator is meant as a guide only as each lender varies on the how they calculate the mortgage penalty.


Apply Online, will forward your contact information to the mortgage broker of your choice. The information that is provided is valued and protected. We will never sell your information or spam, promise!

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