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British Columbia’s number one Credit Union has been in business for over 65 yrs. Known as the environmentally friendly Credit Union, its member owned financial structure has made Vancity the largest credit unions across Canada. Many innovative ideas have originated from Vancity that helps the community and their employee. The Living wage policy and ethical funds for investors are a few polices that are unique and imaginative. Vancity mortgages are structured to meet the needs of the local community; they provide mortgage to structure the demands for  unique west coast lifestyle. Ratehouse Mortgage team will offer’s the best rate from Vancity.
To contact member services contact your representative @ 604.877.7000.


TD Canada Trust

TD Canada Trust is the 2nd largest bank in Canada. A leader in innovative thinking and a major global institution. TD Bank offer 3 methods of distribution for mortgage financing, mobile sales force, in branch service and broker channel. Banking hour to suite all customers, including evenings and weekends. Mortgage products that will help you get into your dream home or refinance your current home for your children education etc. Ratehouse mortgage brokers are here to help you get the best rates from TD Canada Trust through their broker channel.
For additional information contact your TD Canada Trust  @ 1 877 273 7498.


Street Capital

Street Capital is the 4th largest non-bank lender in Canada, owned by Counsel Corporation and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Majority of Street Capital mortgages are insured by the 3 major default insurers, CMHC, Canada Guarantee and Genworh. Currently they do not offer mortgage for rental properties. Broker channel is the only option to obtain a mortgage from Street Capital. With great rates and exceptional online customer support, your mortgage cannot be at a better hands. Check out Ratehouse mortgage broker offering special rates!


Scotia Bank

Scotia Bank , the 3rd largest Bank in Canada offers a variety of mortgage products and service through 3 methods, branch service, mobile sales force and the broker channel. Scotia Banks has presence globally with over 19 million customers in over 55 countries. They offer the consumer great product like the STEPhttp://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/0,,1070,00.html program, New to Canada, self employed, and many more options to help finance a home. The products are designed to fit every possible financing and investment need for all Canadians. BNS offers best mortgage rates for all product including the variable (VRM) rate and the he-loc (home equity line of credit).


Resmor Trust Company

Resmor Trust Mortgage


Resmor Trust Mortgage Division is newly acquired by Mcap Financial. The corporate structure will remain the same and Mortgages origination will be through broker channel. They offer competitive rates and all their mortgage products are insured by default insurer, CMHC, Genworth and Canada Guarantee. The business model they pursue is best rates with good prepayment pre-payment options. Broker channel is their only method of business, so to take advantage of ther rates and payment options visit ratehouse.ca


National Bank of Canada

National Bank, the 4th largest Bank in Canada with over 150 years of experience. In 2012 the award for the world’s strongest bank was presented to National Bank of Canada by Bloomberg Magazine. As a mortgage lender National Bank is one of the strongest supporters of broker business, with rate that are extremely competitive and products that fit all Canadians home financing requirements.


MonCana Bank

MonCana Bank is 100% Canadian owned Bank, offering competitive mortgage products through its broker channel.



ICICI Bank is an international south Asian Bank. They are new to mortgage lending in Canada and striving to be a competitive lender. They offer great rates for 5 year fixed and variable term mortgages. Their source for mortgage service is through the broker channel.



Envision is a BC Credit union providing its member with great service and innovated products for over 65yrs.


Coast Capital Savings

Coast Capital Savings is a British Columbia Credit Union , second only to its competitor Vancity. The corporate Statement l is “How can we help you”. Serving over 475,000 members across BC they have impressive rates and service. Coast Capital utilises the broker channel as well as in branch and mobile support team to help with all your mortgage needs.


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