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Mortgage Amortization, Short or Long? A Few Considerations

You’ve just bought a home – congratulations! Being a homeowner is a big step, but it also comes with big responsibilities. As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you can maintain your house while also meeting your monthly mortgage payments as well as other expenses.   Mortgage amortization is the amount of time […]

From Healthy To Sick: A Look At Canada’s Real Estate Markets in April 2013

  If you’re thinking it’s the right time for you to buy or sell a house, make sure you’re fully aware of how Canada’s real estate market is doing. Since the global economic recession hit, Canada’s real estate market hasn’t been as strong as it used to be; while there are fluctuations, predictions for the […]

Home Owners Tax Credit

It’s Tax Time: Leverage These Home Owners Credits to Help Pay Down Your Mortgage   Tax time is here, and for many Canadians this means finding as many ways as possible to save money. If you’ve been pulling change out from under the couch cushions to pay your mortgage, it may help to take advantage […]

Spring Real Estate Market is Here!

With spring arriving and the tropical weather in Vancouver starting early the debate about housing market is heating up again… so what has changed? To tell you the truth, nothing. The “experts” in the art of economy are just as divided in their forecast as ever about where the Canadian real estate market is heading, […]

IMF Warns of Overvalued Canadian Housing Market

Notwithstanding the Canadian government’s interventions in the mortgage market from 2008 to July 2012, house prices in the country are still overvalued. According to the latest annual report of the International Monetary Fund, at the end of 2012, the real estate prices in Canada were 10 per cent higher than warranted by the fundamentals of […]

Canadian home valuation followed by the Economist!

Canadian home valuation followed by the Economist! The Economist home price indicator reflect what has occurred in the world real estate market from 2007 to present, Canada does not look very promising. The price to rent ratio and the price to income ratio, are clear gauges for the future of Canadian real estate market. Source: […]

Will the Growth of China’s Economy Help the Vancouver Real Estate Market?

Vancouver Real Estate Market has an interesting chart by Canadian Real Estate Association and Bloomberg. The chart shows the connection of house price fluctuation in Vancouver, British Columbia and China’s GDP!   This means that on top of the 73% increase of single occupancy home prices since mid 2005, we might see even more of […]

ING Leaving the Broker Channel

While Scotia Bank takes its newly purchased company (ING Direct) out from the broker channel, the consumer is one that will be adversely affected. ING Direct’s broker channel offered competitive rates below their best inhouse mortgage rates through the mortgage broker network. Anatol von Hahn of Scotia Bank Canadian group state in September  2012, that” […]

Understanding Capital Gain Characteristic of the Mortgage

Understanding Capital Gain characteristic of the mortgage when co- signing for a child’s principle residence, while owning your own home.    Due to the high prices in most metro cities across Canada, parents are commonly assisting their children with the purchase of a home, by co-signing for the mortgage. This may prove to be costly […]

Using a Mortgage Calculator to Plan Your Budget

There is an abundance of calculators associated with mortgage financing, the major ones are Affordability calculator, mortgage payment calculator, pre-payment privileges, penalty calculator, amortization schedule calculator, property purchase tax calculator, Land transfer tax calculator Using a Mortgage Calculators While these calculators only provide estimates, they can still be an essential tool when planning your real […]

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