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Best Mortgage Rates in Ontario

RateHouse offers the best mortgage rates in Ontario, we offer fixed and variable mortgages. Compare Ontario mortgages from banks and brokers today.


Term Rate Rate Hold (Days) Pre-Payment Privilage Company
6 Month Fixed 3.95% 120 15% & 15%
1 Year Fixed 2.59% 0 10% & Double Payment
2 Year Fixed 2.49% 120 15% & 15%
3 Year Fixed 2.59% 60 15/15
4 Year Fixed 2.97% 90 20% & 20%
5 Year Fixed 2.99% 45 20% & 20%
7 Year Fixed 3.89% 120 20% & 100%
10 Year Fixed 4.29% 0 15% & Double Payment


Term Rate PRIME + / - Company
3 Year VRM
(Variable Rate Mortgage)
5 Year VRM
(Variable Rate Mortgage)


Term Rate PRIME + / - Company
5 Year VRM
(Variable Rate Mortgage)
Bank Of Canada
Qualifying Rate

Ontario’s Best Mortgage Rates

Best Mortgage Rates for Ontario is always competitive, throughout the cities of Toronto , Ottawa Mississauga , St Catherine, Oakville and more . With the largest population in Canada, the Banks and Credit Unions are eager to discount the rate for the consumers of this province. The Rate may not be the only aspect of your mortgage that concerns you. Our mortgage brokers help you with tools that can go the extra step, like the mortgage protection plan, Lenders penalty options and how they affect you. The penalty calculator at RateHouse can help you decide which lender offer the least cost if you were to break your mortgage in the future. To make a financial decision of this magnitude, you should have all the relevant information from a mortgage specialist that offer best rates.

To get started, simply pick the best mortgage rate and term for Ontario, complete the secured online application form. Our Mortgage partner will contact you within 2 to 4 hours for details.

Ratehouse offers the best mortgage rates Ontario. The mortgage brokers in our network of professional’s offer discounted rates to the consumers. The discounted rates are for all mortgage loans including fixed and variable closed term mortgage, or Home Equity Line of Credit (heloc).

Best mortgage rates Ontario is offered by major banks, including Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, National Bank of Canada and many others. Our brokers may be able to negotiate better rate on your behalf with your Bank. Get free advice; tap the knowledge of specialist in the mortgage industry.

Credit Unions also play a key role in the provinces that they hold license in. Most Credit Unions can only offer a mortgage in the province they are located. Vancity , Coast Capital, Duca and smaller local Credit Unions have become very competitive with rates. They have unique local knowledge and can find better solutions for different types of mortgage.

Trust Companies use the broker channel to offer their best rates to the consumers. First National won an award for their online mortgage business solution. Mcap, Street Capital, Alberta Treasury, Merix and many other insured lenders have no retail overhead and can offer the consumer low rates.

Getting mortgages online is now the best solution, save time and money speaks to our mortgage brokers and get free advice. Find detailed information and guidelines for different lenders in Ontario

Ratehouse collaborates with knowledgeable licensed professionals, who will work hard to get the best mortgage rates Ontario fast. The information that is provide is secured, only the mortgage broker with best rates will have access to the completed application

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A mortgage Specialist will contact you within 2 to 4 hours. Get the best mortgage rates Ontario for your home or investment property from the trusted site of Ratehouse.ca.

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