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New CanadaTo Mortgage Program

What is the new to Canada mortgage program? The new to Canada mortgage program was developed to help new and non-immigrants purchase a home in Canada with as little as 5% down payment. In 2012, Canada had a record-breaking year for issuing permanent residence status for new immigrants. Countries that received the majority of the […]

Purchase Plus Improvement Mortgage

  Purchase plus improvement mortgage, how to finance the renovation of your home at the time of purchase or refinance.     With so many mortgage products in the market, it is difficult to comprehend how the purchase plus improvement mortgage  or refinance plus improvement can benefit the average consumer. This specific mortgage product is […]

Reverse Mortgage / CHIP Advantages & Drawbacks

Reverse Mortgage or CHIP (Canadian Home Income Plan) is designed to help seniors age 55 and above, who wish to take equity from their home for any purpose. There are two companies that provide this type of mortgage, Canadian Home Income Plan (Chip) which is offer by the home equity Bank and Seniors Money Canada. […]

Home Improvement: Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

  You don’t have to be planning to sell your home just to resort to looking for ways to increase your home’s value. If you want the home improvements that you invest in this year to offer a return on the investment, you need to take the time to choose improvements that affect value positively. […]

Compare Mortgage Rates – UK-Europe and Canada

Let’s compare mortgage rates in Canada to those found in the United Kingdom. Canada and the UK share a lot in common, but these days, their mortgage markets are going in different directions. Mortgage rates in the UK recently hit a record low, while rates in Canada are starting to head up. Both situations, however, […]

The Real estate market in the UK compared to Canada

The real estate market trend for UK and Canada!   There are real similarities that are starting to become apparent as the UK and Canadian real estate markets continue to fluctuate and adjust. After a real estate crash that sent many countries and their residents reeling, changes have been made to try and level out […]

Bank of Canada rates

If the Bank of Canada rates stay the same, why are the rates going up? Greed?   The simple explanation the reason rates are climbing so quickly in Canada.   There are two rate systems. Variable Rates (Bank of Canada Prime) is affected by inflation and is set by the Bank of Canada – the […]

Why Did The Canadian Housing Market Not Crash?

We were headed towards an American style Real Estate Crash in 2013, what happened? The Federal Government started imposing stricture rules for mortgage lending to try to curb the frenzy of Real Estate purchases in Canada.  The booming Real estate market was to be stifled. Slow the housing bubble was what the government posted on […]

Pre-Approved Mortgages: Why it is Necessary?

A pre-approved mortgage is not just for 1st time home buyers. If you are interested in purchasing a home to live in or as an investment property, it is always a good idea to be pre-approved by a mortgage broker or your Bank. This initial process allows you the opportunity to access your financial health. […]

Canadian House Prices: Rise or Fall?

There has been a lot of debate lately in the media about the fate of Canada’s housing market, will prices rise or fall? Are prices over-valued and we are poised for a drop in market? Or are we headed for a ‘soft landing’ with prices continuing to ride but a more modest pace? There are […]

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