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Buying or selling your home is stressful and needs to be handled by a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent with strong sales skills and high ethical code of conduct. A licensed Real Estate agent provided protection, guidance and expertise. When you hire a Realtor you are forming a partnership that can be beneficial to both of you.


Ratehouse has formed an exclusive partnerships with the best Real Estate agent and Real Estate companies  in every communities across Canada, our partners will not only give you outstanding service with tremendous knowledge they will also help you pay for your closing costs by giving you 15% of their  net commission from the sale proceeds.


To find your realtor simply:

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If no realtor  is available , simply select the company you wish to work with and we will find you the Real Estate Agent.  Don’t forget to check out the cash back calculator, find how much you can save by working with our Realtor partners.

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Abhi (Helen) Prasad licences Reator with Georgia Pacific Realty's will be collecting 25% net commission as a referal fee from the servicing real estate agent. You, the client will receive 15% of the referal fee & Abhi (Helen) Prasad will retain 10% to pay for all associated expense. I Accept this disclosure

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