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Contract Of Purchase And Sale


Provincial Contract Of Purchase And Sale


We have put togather a list of what will be required  in the Contract Of Purchase And Sale. The Links provided  below are for Contract Of Purchase And Sale documents for to each province. Alberta, will have their own regulations in dealing with Real Estate, as will BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan , Ontario and other provinces. Reviewing these documents will assist you when it is time to complete the real Contract Of Purchase And Sale.


This Contract is a legally binding agreement between a seller and a buyer for the property transaction and typically includes the following items:


  • Your legal name, seller’s name, and the legal address of the property
  • Articles in or around the home that you think are included in the sale should be stated clearly.
  • For example, portable sheds, appliances, window coverings
  • What price you’re offering to pay
  • Copy of the land survey of the property
  • Amount of the deposit on acceptance of the offer
  • Amount of deposit (non-refundable) at the time of subject removal
  • Agency agreement with your real estate agent/office
  • Closing date – the date you own your home (mortgage is registered)
  • Possession date ­– can differ from closing date
  • The date the offer expires, or is no longer valid
  • Amendments to the Contract of Purchase And Sale for conditions and subjects
  • Amendments removing the conditions or subject
  • Other conditions that stipulate the contract will become final only when they are met.
  • They may include a property appraisal, lender-approved mortgage financing and an acceptable home inspection report
  • Many more items not listed; check with your real estate agent for additional information


Contract Of Purchase And Sale agreements for each province to review is listed below:



Alberta (PDF)

Saskatchewan (PDF)

Manitoba (PDF)

Ontario (PDF)

Quebec (PDF)

Newfoundland (PDF)

New Brunswick (PDF)

Prince Edward Island (PDF)

Nova Scotia (PDF)

Yukon (PDF)

Northwest Territories (PDF)

Nunavut (PDF)

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