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Moving Check list (Printable)

Once the final subjects on your Contract of Purchase and Sale have been removed, it’s time to plan the move into your new home! The Moving Check list will become a resourcefull tool to guide you along the way. Ratehouse has developed a comprehensive list to guide your  through  the moving mayhem. This check list will help you get organized and minimize stress on the big day.


Print many copies and distribute to family members with assigned task to be completed. The packing, changing address, booking movers and many such tasks can be done well in advance. With the moving check list as a guide to completed task, the big day should be a breeze. This comprehensive list can save you time and frustration by allowing you the opportunity to know how far along you are on all your tasks. Do you need to ask for help or will you be able to manage the  move. The last day should be free to over see the movers and other minor issues.


Note this list is only a guide and there may be additional items unique to your situation.



DOWNLOAD and print off our checklist here!


RateHouse Moving Check list

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