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Real Estate Costs Sheet

Real Estate Costs Sheet


The purchase or sale of a  home incurs Real Estate costs associated with the transaction. The list below is available to help minimize any surprise with unknown charges at the lawyers. We have developed an Estimate Cost Sheet pdf, both as a reference and as useful tool to have you estimate the final Real Estate costs. There is hard costs such as the down payment, Property Transfer Tax, Lawyers Fee, Title Insurance or Survey Certificate. Other cost that can quickly add up is the  home inspection, portions of property tax, water bill and strata fee’s if buying a condo. The secondary cost are items are moving expense, cost of changing address, cleaning and other miscellaneous items. Budgeting for the Real Estates Costs  will help to get a clear picture of your finances.We highly encourage the use of this as it provides cost that you may have not incorporated into you budget..


Available in PDf download version.


Real Estate Costs Sheet

By using the pdf form of the Real Estate costs associated with your purchase, you will know what to budget for.

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