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Documents Required Checklist When Purchasing a Property

When purchasing a property you will have to sign and reviewed many documents. To approve the property, the Lenders will require these documents once all signatures are completed.

Documents Required Checklist When Refinancing a Mortgage

Refinancing your property to take equity out, change applicants, increase amortization or get better rates can be done easily. There are typically legal costs associated, as the new mortgage will have to be re-registered by a lawyer or Notary.

Documents Required Checklist When Renewing or Switching a Mortgage

Switching mortgage to another lender can only occur if the mortgage is not a collateral charge and all the registration information remains the same. The mortgage amount, amortization,and the applicant cannot change. If there is a change required it will be a refinance and will incur legal fees.

Down Payment Confirmation

Lenders will require confirmation of your down payment as per Federal Government guidelines. Most mortgage brokers will request these documents after you have a “Contract of Purchase and Sale” (accepted oer) in place.

Income Confirmation Document

All lenders will require proof of employment and income verifacation, we have complied a list of documents that are acceptable for all lenders when financing a mortgage. Not all the documents are required, they vary from lender to lender. These documents are not required at the time of a pre-approval, as it will be out […]

Moving Checklist

RRSP Withdrawl Form

The image below is a sample “RRSP Withdrawl Form” that can be downloaded via the Canadian Revenue Agency government site. Each application can withdraw up to $25,000 for the “Down Payment” provided they are first time homeowners.

Sample Employment Letter

Sample employment letter that outlines the employee, employer, and details of the position.

Discharge Request Form for Renewals Switch or Refinancing

Discharge request forms   The discharge request statement will be provided by the mortgage broker, or lender for the refinance and switch mortgage. This form will advise the current mortgage lender that you will be paying out their registered mortgage on a specific date. If for some reason the payout is delayed, the charge to […]

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