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Repair Bad Credit

Fix Bad Credit, Starting Today!   There are two main reporting agencies in Canada, Equifax and Trans union, Equifax is the preferred choice by most lenders. The information recorded with the credit agency is data provided by the consumer when seeking credit. The credit score is the reflections of payment history, amount owed, types of […]

Heloc – Home Equity Line Of Credit

What are different types of Heloc? Heloc – home equity line of credit is offer by most bank and credit unions as a revolving secured open loan using property as collateral. It can be registered with a fixed or variable mortgage and Heloc or simply as a Heloc against the title of the property. The […]

Mortgage Renewal

Tip for mortgage renewal   Its time, your mortgage is up for renewal, what now?   There are a few questions that you should ask yourself when it is time to renew that mortgage   Has the current lender offer a great rate for the new term? Was the service of the current lender good? […]

Mortgage Penalty

How is Mortgage penalty calculated in Canada?   There are 2 methods of mortgage penalty calculation that all banks, credit unions and other lenders use, the 3 months interest penalty or the IRD (Interest rate differential). The 3 months interest penalty is just that, you pay interest only for specified period to break a mortgage; […]

10 Yr Mortgage Rate

Why the 10 yr mortgage rate may be better for you!   Some plausible reasons for taking the 10 yr mortgage rate, currently offered at 4.09% by the mortgage brokers at Ratehouse.ca Most people shy away from a 10 yr mortgage as the commitment may seen too long, this would differ if consumers understood the […]

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